Welcome to Optimal Health Bodywork !

***  [ Sorry for any confusion – we’ve only changed the name – not the same great service! ] ***

You’re in pain, or stressed and in discomfort.

I get it, because I’ve personally been there … and I know what it’s like to deal with ongoing, nagging pain … it’s frustrating, annoying, even “suck the life out of you” exhausting.

You want less discomfort. Better yet, you want the pain gone. Like … yesterday, right? That’s good … because stress & muscle pain relief is what I do … and I help you through several forms of effective manual therapy.

I practice several forms of therapeutic bodywork  (see Services page)  in treating muscle or joint aches & pains, muscle strains and sprains, injury recovery, chronic neck/shoulder/back pain and other conditions.

The type of bodywork and/or combinations used in a session will depend upon the specific condition being treated, assessment of your condition and other factors. Bodywork can include massage, which is the most recognized form of related manual therapies collectively referred to as Bodywork.

Don’t wait to feel great. Get pain relief todayCall to book … # 716-260-5276.

Tom Leous, LMT