Neck Pain


Whiplash (aka: “CAD” = Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration Syndrome) is a sudden jerking of the head by a powerful jolt to the body, where the head/neck is thrown rapidly and violently backward then forward. It is an injury most often associated with a car accident. Just how violent ? Check this out: On January 27th, 2011 blog post Dr. Greathouse of Greathouse Chiropractic reported: “ ... Read More »

Neck Pain Relief

Following closely behind back pain and migraine/headache pain, neck pain is the 3rd most common type of chronic pain reported in the U.S. Almost a quarter of all Americans report having this type of pain. And approximately 15% of United States adults are afflicted with chronic neck pain. Multiplying that percentage by the 2014 American population … that’s just shy of 5 ... Read More »