It is very important to be realistic in your expectations of pain relief regardless of the healthcare practitioner and bodywork treatment modality chosen.

  • Muscle and joint aches and pains tend to grow over time – perhaps for many years before they become an issue for most people. Only then do they most often result in challenging, and often chronic pain/stress conditions.
  • While it is possible to get great relief in one or two sessions, expect that it will likely take multiple bodywork sessions to “unwind” your muscular/joint pain as much as possible, and return your body to its more balanced, natural state.

Bodywork, including Massage Therapy, is not a magical, instant “cure-all”. There is no guarantee of improvement in any stress-induced or painful condition, regardless of cause.

Why? Because we are all unique, subject to very different types of stress and environments. Every pain and/or stressful condition can and does affect us in uniquely different ways.

You will always receive my best efforts to help you and your body achieve the relief and resolution sought from your muscular pain and stress.

If for any reason, I am unable to to help you, I will do my best to refer you to another healthcare practitioner(s) and/or other healthcare resources.