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“BODYWORK  includes many forms of manual therapy, massage being the most recognized. In my practice, I use different forms of bodywork – [MYK Bodywork … Core/Stretch Posture Balancing … Positional Release Therapy … Integrated Oriental Cupping … Massage]. A brief outline of each follows below.

MYK Bodywork: A very gentle therapy focused on either upper or lower body pain conditions. A series of passive and active body movements (ex: arm, shoulder, neck) interrupts restricted movement and accompanying pain signals, “resetting” your body to it’s normal motion/movement patterns.

Core/Stretch Posturing Balancing: A muscle lengthening/stretch approach focused on loosening tight, shortened or adhered core positional muscles responsible for healthy posture, returning them to their more normal balanced state. Effective for lower back pain.

Positional Release Therapy: Another gentle, “less is more” approach, Osteopathic in nature. A specific Muscle/joint area is placed into a position of relaxation for a minute or so. This allows your body to reset tense/tight muscles to their more normal, relaxed state … naturally reducing or eliminating muscle tension and tightness in your muscles.

Integrative Oriental CuppingA very ancient treatment still practiced today as a mainstay of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is effective in loosening and releasing muscle tension and adhesions leading to muscular and/or skeletal restrictions, which often result in muscular/chronic pain. Cupping also stimulates circulation, lymphatic/immune function and toxin release within the body. (Available starting mid-November).


One does not necessarily need “deep tissue” or “deep pressure” Bodywork, including Massage, for the work to be effective. Is “deep” work therapeutic? Absolutely. Trigger Point work is a good example, but it hurts – a lot – when being done.

As not everyone enjoys deep massage/bodywork or tolerates it well, I have sought out other, equally if not more effective bodywork approaches to help people move from “pain to no pain” ideally, or at least to less muscle/joint pain than they currently have … without having to used deeper pressure. *************************************************************************************

IMPORTANT NOTE #1). IF NEEDED, the depth/intensity of pressure used is always matched to your tolerance level. Sometimes, Bodywork/Massage may involve the use of deeper, more intense pressure – which may be painful when used – to help resolve accumulated muscle tension, break down muscle adhesions, scar tissue, trigger points, etc. and to help alleviate movement restrictions and resulting muscle pain.

Not a “no pain, no gain” type of person? No problem … we have other approaches we will use.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2). Communication is key to a successful session outcome and your satisfaction. PLEASE, ALWAYS speak up and let me know if something is not to your liking, or doesn’t feel quite right for you.

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