What clients are saying

“That was the best massage I’ve had in 10 years … and I’ve had a lot of massage from a lot of different therapists” – DP

“Amazing – for the first time in months I can turn my head and neck side to side without pain, thanks to Tom” – S

CPH - Image - From pain to no pain

“Very professional and knowledgeable, Tom always checked in with me throughout my massage to make sure I was comfortable. He brings his “A” game every time. 

I’ve had some ongoing physical issues and have seen different healthcare practitioners without much relief. Tom has been able to help me where others have not” – DN

“I totally relax under Tom’s touch. His massage is a highlight of my month. It really helps with my Fibromyalgia and is something I really look forward to” – KL

“Fantastic massage and great work. Tom completely relaxed me” – Anonymous

“I haven’t been able to turn my head and neck that far in over two years – amazing, and in just the first session. The self care work to loosen up my back and shoulders has also made a huge difference – I feel so much better with a lot less tension. – JA

“I can’t believe my sciatic pain is almost gone. I’ve had that pain for over 10 years and had forgotten what no pain feels like” – J

“Tom is the ONLY massage therapist I will let work on me. He’s the best!” – DC



It is very important to be realistic in your expectations of pain relief regardless of the healthcare practitioner and bodywork treatment modality you choose.

  • Muscle and joint aches and pains tend to grow over time – perhaps for many years before they become an issue for most people. Only then do they most often result in challenging, and usually chronic pain/stress conditions.
  • While it is possible to get huge relief in one or two sessions, expect that it will likely take multiple massage/bodywork sessions to help fully “unwind” your muscular/joint pain, and return your body to its more balanced, natural state.

Bodywork, including Massage Therapy, is not a magical, instant “cure-all”, and there is no guarantee of improvement in any stress-induced or painful condition. Why? Because we are all unique, subject to very different stressors and environments … and every pain/stress condition can and does affect us in uniquely different ways.

The above client testimonials and continuing positive feedback my work receives should not be taken as any guarantee of relief or freedom from chronic or acute pain, stress or anxiety that you will realize.

That said, you will always receive my best efforts to help you and your body achieve the relief and resolution you seek from your pain, stress, anxiety and/or specific health condition.

As your health is my main concern, if for any reason we are unable to to help you, I will refer you to another healthcare practitioner(s) and/or other resources.